• Q: Why should I sign the agreement through your professional agent instead of directly finding a local company?

    A: There are several benefits to signing an agreement with our professional agent. Firstly, we have a team of two professional system teachers and a legal adviser who can help review the qualifications of each port in the early stage to ensure that they are all recognized companies.

    Additionally, we offer a one-stop service to simplify the management of your fleet. We will sort out the agreements for each other port and provide them to you.

    Lastly, we provide your company with a three-month billing period and send the bill to your financial department for verification in the fourth month. This is more conducive to your company's accounting management, whereas if you sign an agreement with the local SPRO company, they require cash payment from the captain.

  • Q: What are the benefits for signing agreements with your professional agents?

    Free sludge disposal
    Free garbage disposal
    Free SPRO sign

    In addition, the most important point is that we firmly resist the act of the chief engineer on board illegally reselling fuel oil, and we can provide the security deposit to the ship owner company. Once we find that our subcontractors resell fuel oil together with the chief engineer on board, we will immediately report to the ship owner, and our security deposit is invalid, and we are willing to bear other negative effects on the ship owner